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This database has been compiled to showcase some of the species found in the reserve.

Yellow Flowering Boneseed

TitleYellow Flowering Boneseed
Common NameBoneseed
Scientific NameChrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. monilifera
Flowering Timeaug,sep,oct
Photo Date17-Sep-2006 13:15
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date17-Sep-2006
DescriptionA native of southern Africa, this is a listed noxious weed in much of Victoria. Most seeds germinate after fire. Can grow to 3m high. As a seedling it can be mistaken for a Goodenia (which however don't form woody shrubs).
DistributionScattered throughout Baluk Willam Reserve, mostly in the south-east.
RemovalSmaller plants can readily be pulled out by hand. Large, woody plants may need to be cut and herbicide applied.
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