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This database has been compiled to showcase some of the species found in the reserve.

Onion Weed

TitleOnion Weed
Common NameAngled Onion
Scientific NameAllium triquetrum
Flowering Timesep,oct
Photo Date07-Oct-2006 14:10
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date11-Oct-2006
DescriptionA native from the western Mediterranean it can form dense colonies. Folliage and bulb smell distinctly of onion when crushed. Leaves grow from winter and die back in summer.
DistributionScattered throughout the reserve but more significant along the fringes in the southern areas of the reserve.
RemovalIsolated plants or small groups can be carefully removed by hand (with a tool to help lift the bulbs). Because this is tedious, a herbicide is more practical for larger colonies.
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