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This database has been compiled to showcase some of the species found in the reserve.

Spiky Wattle

TitleSpiky Wattle
Common NameSpreading Wattle
Scientific NameAcacia genistifolia
Flowering Timejul,aug,sep
Photo Date28-Aug-2012 16:51
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date05-Sep-2012
DescriptionWith relatively long, spiky folliage these look similar to prickly Hakea when not in flower but this wattle is softer and the phyllodes (leaves) have ridges veins along their length. Although this species can grow into a small tree most of the specimens in the park are shrub-like.
DistributionFound throughout the reserve, mainly in the south, in relatively small numbers.
Similar SpeciesAcacia verticillata has much smaller and denser phyllodes.
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