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Musky Finger Orchid

TitleMusky Finger Orchid
SubjectFinger Orchid
Common NameMusky Caps
Scientific NameStegostyla/Caladenia gracilis
Flowering Timeoct
Photo Date27-Oct-2007 13:05
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date27-Nov-2007
DescriptionOutsides of the flowers are greenish with reddish glandular hairs (giving a yellow appearance) while the insides of the petals and sepals are mostly white. Labellum typically has yellow calli with a purplish tip (which is curled around in a mature flower and therefore hard to see) and there are several purplish dots on the outside. Flowers have a distinctive musky odour.
DistributionAlthough generally a common species it is rare in the reserve and known only from one or two locations with about three plants in total.
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