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This database has been compiled to showcase some of the species found in the reserve.

Bearded Greenhood

TitleBearded Greenhood
Common NameBearded Greenhood
Scientific NamePterostylis tasmanica
Flowering Timeoct,nov
Photo Date16-Oct-2005 13:00
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date16-Oct-2005
DescriptionOne of the least common orchids in the reserve, with onyl 4 known, and only rediscovered here a few years ago.
Visitor Comments:
 Today i got 12 flowering plant, out of in and outside the cage at hill track, 3 at the middle part of the hill( where i made a signal of red flag) and 3 of which at the middle part but hard to get for people so I also put the red flag. all of them are in same line if you wish to walk in the straight line.
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