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This database has been compiled to showcase some of the species found in the reserve.

Mountain Greenhoods

TitleMountain Greenhoods
Common NameMountain Greenhood
Scientific NamePterostylis alpina
Flowering Timeaug,sep
Photo Date01-Sep-2006 09:55
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date05-Sep-2006
DescriptionMountain Greenhoods are quite widely dispersed and not necessarily just in the mountains. Their flowering stem is usually around 20cm, though this can be twice as much in long grass.
DistributionIn the reserve they can be found at the intersection of the car park track and Orchid Road extension or near the northern and southern ends along Courtneys Road.
Similar  SpeciesPterostylis grandiflora has a similar flower but alpina has no brownish coloration and flowers later. Pterostylis curta flowers at the same time but that has a distinctively curved labellum.
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