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Blue Finger Orchid

TitleBlue Finger Orchid
SubjectFinger Orchid
Common NameBlue Fingers
Scientific NameCyanicula/Caladenia caerulea
Flowering Timeaug,sep
Photo Date07-Sep-2008 08:45
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date07-Sep-2008
DescriptionProduces single, bright to pale blue flowers to 3cm across on a stalk around 10cm high with a single, narrow leaf from the base also to about 10cm long.
DistributionAlthough common elsewhere, its rare in the reserve (only one flowering plant currently known).
Similar SpeciesSimilar size and flowering time to Blue Fairies Pheladenia (Caladenia) deformis but the calli on their labellum appear rather hairy.
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