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Bird Orchid

TitleBird Orchid
SubjectBird Orchid
Common NameCommon Bird Orchid
Scientific NameChiloglottis valida
Flowering Timeoct,nov
Photo Date16-Oct-2005 11:45
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date16-Oct-2005
DescriptionThis unassuming orchid is widespread and common in the Dandenongs and surrounds but often overlooked by the casual passer-by because of its camouflaged leaves and flowers.
 It has two leaves, around 5cm long with a short flowering stem. When the flower has been pollinated and it develops seen the stem grows to 10cm.
 In Baluk Willam it grows along the path near the northern end of the reserve.
Visitor Comments:
 these orchid have so many colony everywhere in the reserve this year even in the control burning area.
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