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Red Lipped Spider Orchid

TitleRed Lipped Spider Orchid
SubjectSpider Orchid
Common NameWine-Lip Spider Orchid
Scientific NameArachnorchis oenochila
Flowering Timesep,oct
Photo Date09-Sep-2006 12:30
PhotographerR Richter
Post Date06-Sep-2011
DescriptionFirst flowering from late August along Courtneys Road (south of Orchid Road) and in the north of the reserve in late September. These spider orchids have stems typically 30-40cm high, usually with one flower (but sometimes with two) and sepals and petals to 55mm long. Flowers are usually mostly beige with a red labellum but colors can vary greatly.
DistributionThroughout the reserve mostly east of Courtneys Road.
Similar SpeciesThere are no similar spider-orchids confirmed in the reserve.
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