New Orchid : Pyrorchis Nigricans - Baluk Willam Bulletin 4 Jul 2010

Red Beaks Pyrorchis nigricans

Pyrorchis colony Orchid and photography enthusiasts Barb and Rosie came across these distinctive leaves last year, resulting in adding a completely new species to the known orchid list of Baluk Willam Nature Conservation Reserve.

Pyrorchis nigricans is a widespread and common species on sandy soils and can form large colonies. It features a distinctive leaf held close to the ground, usually quite blotched with purplish dots (although the ones in the reserve are mostly purely green). Unfortunately it usually only flowers in spring after summer fires so the last time they flowered was probably in 1983.

Thirteen plants were counted at an impromptu survey today. The large image below shows some leaves from the reserve whilst the small image to the right (click for large image) shows a large flowering colony from Little Desert in western Victoria.

Pyrorchis Leaves

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